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Stay Smooth with Mandy - Personalized Laser, IPL & Skincare Treatments

Stay Smooth is a boutique Laser, IPL and Skincare clinic that specialises in hair, tattoo and pigmentation removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatments and vascular therapies.


Mandy-Profile3A bit about Mandy

Mandy became obsessed with skin when she was modelling in her late teens and early-mid twenties. As a self confessed “product junkie” she was constantly researching the best products to keep skin looking refreshed and blemish-free despite the stress of long haul flights and different types of makeup. She has studied Laser and IPL therapies with the best in both Australia and New Zealand, attending the Fleming Institute in Melbourne and training extensively with Barbara Jellie (her mother), a well-respected and experienced trainer, clinician and distributor in New Zealand.

What makes Mandy unique in the beauty therapy industry is that her background is in Science. She has done a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Neuroscience with Honours in Anatomy at the university of New South Wales. Her in-depth understanding of the physics of Laser and IPL and the anatomy and physiology of the skin and hair means you are in safe hands. She is particularly interested in the interactions between skin and light-based therapies and constantly strives to keep up-to-date with the research in this constantly evolving field. As a member of ASLMS, she has access to the latest journal articles and reads these on a regular basis.



Why Choose Stay Smooth?

Stay Smooth started as an alternative to the large chain clinics that a popping up all over Sydney. It is based on the philosophy of personalised service.

At Stay Smooth we know that every customer is different and the time is taken to ensure the best possible results for each individual without compromising on safety. This clinic is owned and operated by Mandy Jellie, a Laser, IPL and Skincare specialist who will personally take care of you every time you come in for an appointment.

Mandy is very excited to bring you Stay Smooth and looks forward to meeting you soon.

Stay Smooth Guarantee

  • You always see the same highly trained and qualified therapist.
  • You receive a free, no obligation consultation before the commencement of treatment.
  • Test patches are done to ensure the best possible results, without compromising safety.
  • You receive pre and post-treatment care and follow up.
  • The time is taken to provide the best quality service, paying attention to all details. You can relax and ask questions without feeling like you’re being rushed out the door to make way for the next customer.
  • Latest technology, TGA registered equipment.
  • Personalised treatment for the same price as the large chains.
  • Excellent results guaranteed!


Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fast, effective and practically painless method of getting rid of unwanted hair. At Stay Smooth we use the latest technology German-made Diode Laser to ensure the best results for hair removal. Usually the treatment process requires 6-8 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Once this initial treatment program is complete, maintenance sessions may be required once or twice a year to get rid of any new hair growth. Maintenance sessions are offered at 50% of the initial price.

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Skin Treatments

At Stay Smooth we offer a variety of specialised skin treatments, including IPL Skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy. We can personalise these services to treat particular concerns, such as sun damage or acne, or simply do a general treatment to maintain your skin and help you look and feel better. Many of these techniques help improve the texture and tone of skin by increasing the production of collagen. Please come in for a free consultation and we can come up with a treatment program to suit your needs.

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Pigmentation Removal

Is pigmentation the new wrinkle? We often focus on getting rid of those pesky fine lines, but pigmentation can age us just as dramatically. At Stay Smooth we have a number of options for getting rid of unwanted pigmentation, such as freckles and age spots. The most effective treatments are IPL and the Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser. We recommend a treatment program of three sessions spaced one month apart, allowing us to try various methods to pick up pigment in different layers of the skin.

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Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a fast and effective way of getting rid of unwanted tattoos. At Stay Smooth we use a Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser which can be adjusted to target most ink colours. The ink is broken up by the energy of the laser and expelled from the body over time. Usually complete tattoo removal requires between 4 to 8 treatments carried out about 8 weeks apart.

The price of Laser tattoo removal ranges from $50 – $500 per session depending on the size of the tattoo.


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Stay in touch

Please feel free to call, email or come by today to make an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation. Stay Smooth (upstairs at Brown Sugar hair) 246 Coogee Bay Road Coogee, NSW, 2034

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